Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Made to Stick

I have just finished a fantastic book that will help anybody if they want their ideas to be remembered. It is entitled Made to Stick and the authors, Chip and Dan Heath, have written a how-to for developing ideas that are sure to be remembered.

It is a great read, with interesting case studies. The strategies they provide are, with practice, easily implemented. I think every teacher can use this book for lesson plans, and every student can use this book for projects, papers, or whatever other assignment is presented.

It is also a great tool for engaging the 21st century learner. With the Heath brothers' framework, students will be able to create projects, persuasive essays, blogs, etc. that reflect their understanding of the topic and present their understanding in a meaningful and lasting way.

Parent warning: there are some ideas in this book that are only appropriate for the mature reader.

You can access the authors' blog under the Understanding Generation Y Label on the left hand side of this website.

Happy reading!

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