Friday, September 12, 2008

Anti-Bullying Resources

I received the e-mail below the other day about a new initiative on the Web regarding bullying in schools. As the Home Page says, the website "aims to gather links to best practices around the world on a searchable website." The text of the e-mail is below, and you can enter the website via the link below Useful Dean Links.

Schools Anti Bullying Web Gateway

In late 2005 a Transatlantic Schools Anti Bullying Initiative was created with the support of the UK and US Governments. We held a comprehensive consultation exercise on school bullying issues in the US and UK. Our Transatlantic Schools Anti Bullying Initiative has now run its course and the resulting Initiative Report is available free of charge from

As a result of the Initiative we received sponsorship to develop and maintain a "Schools Anti Bullying Web Gateway" with information from around the world and to make it FREELY AVAILABLE to anyone who wants to access it. Please visit the site at

This new “Schools Anti Bullying Web Gateway” does not create anti bullying projects itself. It is intended to be a fully comprehensive resource for young people, parents, teachers and practitioners that gathers together, in one place, anti bullying projects and materials (in English) from around the world, which is freely available.

Although there are links on the website to numerous successful projects/support groups/Networks we would still very much welcome others to contact us to ensure that the Schools Anti Bullying Web Gateway gathers as many links to best practices around the world as possible.

We would welcome working with anti bullying organisations around the world to discuss how we can develop this FREE resource to the benefit of young people.

If you require support or information please contact Stephanie at

Schools Anti Bullying Gateway
16 Brough Road, South Cave
Brough, HU15 2BX, UK
Tel: +44(0)1482 651695
Fax: +44(0)1482 659281

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