Monday, February 2, 2009

2007-2008 vs. 2008-2009 Referral Comparison

As Dean of Students, I think it is important to track the progress of the student body over the course of a year in order to determine trends in behavior. It also benefits the teachers and students to see a variety of data that provides an opportunity for reflection and discussion. Last week, I quickly ran some numbers comparing last year's referral statistics to this years. I found the total number of referrals (excluding uniform referrals - a neverending battle with middle school aged children) dropped 40%.

It is a testament to the students and teachers for striving each day to make Calvert a place for selfless servants, moral courage, and commitment to community.

Total Referrals Through January 2008: 196
Total Referrals Through January 2009: 117

Represents a 40% reduction

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