Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Ponderance: Ripples Contributing or Chipping Away at Integrity

We are able to choose how we act. We call it free will. This independence has been a bedrock principle of our country since its inception.

With every choice, comes a result. Some good, some bad. All choices, however, produce effects like the ripples on a calm pond when a stone is tossed into it.

Over time, our society has discovered values that allow communities to thrive - to be successful, to provide comfort, to provide safety. For Calvert, these values are identified in the Honor Code:

1. Respect
2. Honesty
3. Responsibility
4. Effort
5. Outreach

By no means are these unique to Calvert. They are common values that the larger community accepts as necessary for the common good. When all of these values come together and are applied to their fullest, we call that integrity.

As individuals we are confronted with choices within each of these value-realms on a daily basis. When we make good choices, we not only contribute to our own integrity, but the integrity of the community.  When we make poor choices - and we all do - we chip away at not only our own integrity, but the integrity of the community. We are not as successful, comfortable, or safe.

So, when confronted with choices

to respect or disrespect
to be honest or dishonest
to be responsible or irresponsible
to put forth maximum effort or coast
to reach out or be selfish

Think about the kind of ripples you'll be sending out. Will they contribute to your integrity and the community's or will they chip away at it?

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