Thursday, April 29, 2010

Study Hall Revolucion - No Mas

Spring is here! Birds are chirping; squirrels are scurrying; grass is growing; flowers are blooming; and middle school students are eager to get up and get out. There are lots of ways to react to that last indicator of the new season, but sometimes the funniest way is to go way over the top and send your fellow teachers an email like this (all names have been changed to maintain the privacy of militants and dictators):


I’m looking for a benevolent dictator to lead my study hall today as I head off to a baseball game. In the fall and winter this would just take a teacher, but with the approach of warm weather and the countdown to finals in full swing among 6th grade boys, room 110 has been transformed into a holding pen for violent militants intent on bringing down the “oppressive fascists” running this school (I think they mean us, specifically Joan Smith) and setting up their own system of government. Here is the list of key characters:

Tom Jones as Che Guevera

Larry Pendleton as George Washington

Jimmy Fisher as Robespierre

Doug Harris as Rambo

Please let me know if you are available and willing to crush the revolution today from 230 to 315.

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