Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011-2012 Preview: the Arts Electives

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we will be implementing a three-track program for our electives next year. The first of those tracks is the Arts. Below you will find brief descriptions of the classes.
Studio Art: Building on previous experiences in a variety of media, art elective students further develop their skills while exploring personal interests and directions and have opportunities to work with professional artists. The semester culminates in an art show in the Stafford Center art gallery in which each student presents his or her artwork.
Creative Writing: The Creative Writing Elective allows students the opportunity to explore and to unleash their creative spirit.  Students learn about and produce a variety of styles of creative writing, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  The class focuses on writing as an expression of the self with conventions and characteristics different from academic writing.  All students read their work aloud during either the Winter or Spring Arts Festival.
Drama:  The Drama Elective is designed to stimulate the student’s natural “dramatic” imagination and provide experience and confidence in personal communication.  Through free-form, creative role-playing, scene construction, awareness of voice and body, and disciplined dramatic performance, students are given the opportunity to respond emotionally, reflectively, and imaginatively to their world and themselves.
Digital Photography: Through the NCAIS Virtual on-line suite of classes, Canterbury students have the opportunity to learn the basics of the digital camera, shaping a picture, identifying key elements in a scene, and manipulating the picture. Students are self-paced and work with a teacher that uses an online "classroom" to meet and discuss assignments, deliver quizzes and tests, and provide feedback.
Yearbook: Middle School students will choose the theme, lay out the pages, edit the text and pictures, and work with photoshop and other professional programs to create the final copy of the yearbook. Students learn many of the components of graphic design through a real world experience with a tangible and worthwhile project.

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