Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011-2012 Preview: Leadership Electives
As I have posted earlier, we will have a new Elective program for 7th and 8th graders beginning this fall. In earlier posts I previewed the course tracks of The Arts and A 21st Century World. In this post I will preview the Leadership classes we will offer in the Elective program.

Ethics in Leadership: Students focus on the ways current and emerging leaders can assess the values that influence their actions and encourages them to think through the consequences of those actions. Combining classical ethical theories from western thought and modern case studies, students will be able to locate leadership styles in an ethical context, and begin to develop and practice reasoning processes of their own.

Profiles in Leadership: In this elective, students will explore various leadership models, leaders in action, and leadership writings. They will explore through case study and group work the many ways leadership can be executed. By the end of the course students will identify their own strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis leadership and begin to put their particular brand of leadership into practice.

Leadership in Action: In this elective, students will actively explore leadership opportunities both within the school setting and in the community. By placing students in leadership roles, students will be able to develop their own sense of responsibility and leadership style. These opportunities will be carefully explored and selected by student and faculty. We will foster communication skills by leading younger students, teaching peers, and learning to facilitate and manage a group in the outdoor setting and in service opportunities.

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