Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dana Foundation Blog: Action Learning

I thought this brief blog post was an interesting one because it highlights how the pendulum may be swinging back to center in the world of public education. It seems families are realizing the power of play in the development of our children. The Learning Resources Network has organized Ultimate Block Parties to try and get families out and playing.

If you read some of the articles in the NY Times recently, you may have seen that SATs are going down, the jury is still out on this testing frenzy (However, if you enrolled in an independent school you most likely have an opinion on what kind of education that provides for our children...), and some districts are deciding to take away PE and Recess in order to test prep. The Play Movement is one that attempts to bring it back to "normal."

As we prepare to bring the 5th grade into the middle school here at Canterbury, we are being very deliberate about how we can provide time in the day for the power of play to work its magic on our students. This can take many forms, but I am interested to hear your ideas.

Here is the link to the blog about the Ultimate Block Parties. Dana Foundation Blog: Action Learning

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