Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Civil War Expert Visits the 8th Grade

On October 11,  in one section of 8th grade Social Studies, the students were treated to a special presentation by Ted Bartley, grandfather of one of our 8th graders.  

Mr. Bartley showing off his Civil War button collection.

Mr. Bartley and his wife traveled to Greensboro from their home in Virginia to talk about his Civil War collection. He brought artifacts from over 45 years of collecting to show the students. He talked most specifically about the Battle of Gettysburg, but also brought relics from other battles. Included in his cache of treasures was Confederate money, belt plates, a replica of a North Carolina soldier's uniform, pictures, and his favorite type of artifact: buttons. Mr. Bartley was able to convey the importance of the artifacts to the students and the students were able to see some of the things that they had studied about in and out of class. 

One artifact of particular interest that he brought was a signed report card by Robert E. Lee from Washington College from 1868 where he was the president at the time. Later the college became known as Washington and Lee University, alma mater of Mr. Skeen!  The students were treated to Mr. Bartley's knowledge and storytelling ability and all left with a better understanding of the Civil War!

A report card from Washington College (later renamed Washington & Lee) signed by Robert E. Lee. 

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