Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Your Phone Changed Photography


An interesting, if not fairly obvious, post from GOOD on how photography has changed in nature over the last twenty years (1993 - 2013)....

How Your Phone Changed Photography

This undoubtedly changes the game in terms of student engagement and communication. Think about the possibilities with students when the ability to create content is as easy as turning on the phone (or allowing it in school....), downloading one of a hundred different photographic apps (instagram being the most well known), and displaying it publicly and nearly instantaneously.

As recently as two years ago, I proctored an online class on Digital Photography. There are two observations here:

  1. I thought it was great that we could offer an online class and that the digital camera was fairly new. 
  2. The speed at which this class and its content seems antiquated is mind boggling. 
So how do we re-orient ourselves as educators to be prepared for a world in which what we work with kids with in one year is obsolete the next? This is the biggest challenge for teachers, especially as it pertains to integrating technology. 

It will necessitate a mind and culture shift in terms of student engagement, student assessment, and, ultimately, what an independent school graduate looks like when they leave our school. 

One of the things we've been looking at is this idea of COD or Combine Our Devices. What if we could get to a point where students had a school issued device that fit certain parameters, and the could choose one other digital device to enhance that device? If we could harness the enthusiasm and excitement to use these devices and focus it on the learning outcomes we are looking for, we could do amazing things. 

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