Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Antifragile or How We Become Fragile

While the book is interesting, the blog post review of it does an excellent job of outlining one idea of what the new perspective for our students should be: embrace randomness and mistakes and it will make you stronger.

Some highlights:

Taleb says antifragile isn’t resilience given his narrow definition of it. It’s more. Resilience survives. Things that are antifragile don’t just survive, they get better with random event and shocks. The opposite is fragile. Though often unintentionally, we tend to make things fragile.

Random events should serve to make you better than before. Rules are fragile. Principles are resilient. Virtue is antifragile. Classroom learning is fragile. Real life and experiential knowledge are resilient. Real life and a library are antifragile. 

Check it out: Antifragile or How We Become Fragile

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