Friday, October 4, 2013

An Hour in the Life of the Middle School

So I've started tweeting this year to showcase all the incredible teaching and learning that is happening at Canterbury School. Each day I try to get into classrooms and find some cool piece of education that is happening and do a quick tweet about it. I've found this to be an incredible way to not only to get into a bunch of classrooms, but also to document in real time the learning of our students. I primarily tweet pictures which has meant I can show objective benchmarks of what is happening in the middle school. Plus, people love to see what we're up to. 

This morning, I was so proud of the work going on in Armfield that I sent out a flurry of tweets to showcase the kind of 21st century teaching and learning our middle vision demands. You can follow me on Twitter @MSDirectorSkeen. Below is the series of tweets from this morning. Enjoy!

5th grade read aloud of Holes by Louis Sachar. Critical piece of reading fluency.

Factor games in 5th grade math. Classic.

Precision bridge building in 8th grade. The design process at work. No extraneous chatter. All business!

Pretty cool move: the tablet as document camera with a $10 USB cord to projector.

Here is a bridge in progress. Notice the pins as forms for glue drying on bridge spans.

Character studies for Wonder in 7th grade on Pic Collage app. Student found this-student engagement at its finest.

"Hey, can I get that picture from you?" Sure, I'll 'beam' it to you...sweet!

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