Wednesday, November 6, 2013

STEM Trip: 8th Grade to WFU Biology Lab

Nicole Schutt, one of our Middle School STEM teachers, sent along this report from the 8th grade's visit to Wake Forest yesterday:

8th grade Canterbury students took a trip to Wake Forest University to visit the Biology Lab facilities in Winston Hall.  They met with Dr. Ashley-Ross and her three Graduate students to learn about their current research and how it relates to our science studies of natural selection, adaptations, and evolution.  Students learned about the mangrove rivules fish, which uses a "tail flip" behavior to propel itself onto and across the land; the archer fish, which controls its spit to knock down prey above the water; and how the tarantula uses its legs to flip itself over when placed on its back.  This last project has joined with the Center for Design Innovation in Winston-Salem to apply what is learned to designing robots used in the field of science.  Students were entertained by Ben Perlman (pictured above) showing how the rivules controls its jumping behavior.  They also enjoyed a tour of the facilities and used some very impressive microscopes - one particular laser microscope was said to cost over $750,000!

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