Monday, February 3, 2014

6th Grade First Friends Experience

Anne-Barton Carter's 6th Grade Servant Leadership Class visited the food pantry at First Friends Meeting the other day and had a great time. They received some great feedback. Check out the visit and the feedback below:

From Sheila to all at First Friends involved with the food pantry:

Just wanted to share with you about how amazing yesterday was in the food pantry!
Here are some of the reasons:

A class of 14 students from Canterbury, their teacher Anne Barton and two adults came to learn about the pantry and then they set up several activities for our pantry friends to partake in while they waited. It was AMAZING! There were valentines, coloring, pictionary, cookies being decorated, extra helpers and even some video interviews going on! Folks seem to love having the kids there and the kids were loving on our friends. CAROL WHITLEY and FREDRICK JOHNSON came in to share with the class as well and they were wonerful speakers.

From one of the couples that volunteers each month:

The Canterbury students who worked at the food pantry were some of the most amazing young people we've encountered. They were so engaging, engaged, warm, compassionate, positive (I could go on!) imaginable. Thank you for sharing them with First Friends. The food pantry clients loved being with them and the interacting with them. Fellowship Hall felt like a warm reunion of friends having lots of fun!

We went away truly optimistic about the future!

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