Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Tribute to Kathy Durham

I received this email tonight and couldn't contain myself. I needed all of you who read this blog to see it, because I think it goes straight to the heart of the kind of person Kathy is and she never asks for praise. Well - she's gets it here and well deserved. KD is a superstar and we are so lucky to have her!

Kathy manages all of our high school placement for our 8th graders and does an incredible job of it. Take a look:

Mr. Skeen,

I just wanted to give a shout out to Mrs. Durham.  Not only has she shown endless patience with my son, she has helped us so much throughout this school year.  She worked it out so that we could get periodic updates on his behavioral and academic progress before reports. 

She has also provided him with a quiet place to study after school when he has sports.  Since she has implemented these measures his grades and his reported conduct in class has improved.  We really appreciate it.

Also, I wanted to commend her on helping parents with the transition to high school.  I had been through the process with my oldest son and even though he was going from one public school into a feeder public school, no one helped us with the process. I had to take off several days from work to get the paperwork done.  He was provided incorrect advice from counselors and the entire process was stressful for all.  

In contrast, Ms. Durham made it so easy to navigate.  Her help with the IB applications was amazing.  The fact that she made sure they were delivered on time was really just incredible.  When my husband told the IB coordinator that at Grimsley she couldn't believe that there was a school that actually did that for the students. 

This week, we received my son's registration packet for high school.  Again, I couldn't believe how well done it was and how all the information and recommendations had already been compiled.  I had planned to take off tomorrow and try to put the information together for our registration meeting next week.  I am just simply overwhelmed by this.

I have really appreciated her hard work and support of my son and our family this year.

Best regards,

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