Sunday, September 27, 2009

Outreach: The Fifth Path to the Honor Code

Our revised honor code says we aim to accomplish our goal of becoming selfless servants demonstrating moral courage and commitment by reaching out to the community. We are very lucky in the middle school to have a dedicated class period for community outreach. This year we developed a new middle school outreach curriculum based on feedback from faculty and students. Below is a brief introduction to the outreach program that will appear in the Middle School newsletter. The Middle School Outreach Catalog can also be found on this blog to the left of this post.

Community outreach at Calvert has come a long way. From a few sporadic drives a few years ago to a dedicated period each week, outreach is now an integral part of a Calvert student’s education. Two years ago the Community Outreach Committee created our outreach mission: Through preparation, action, and reflection, Calvert’s Outreach Program seeks to promote a lifelong awareness of and commitment to community. Since that time, we have implemented a number of structures to accomplish that mission.

First, we have streamlined and focused on three all-school drives: UNICEF from October 26 – 30, Paul’s Place Toy Drive from December 7-11, and Paul’s Place Clothing Drive from March 29-April 1. Second, we have added two optional family opportunities for outreach: MLK Day of Service and Spring Cleaning Day (more details on both to follow). Third, in order to deepen the experience and develop meaningful relationships with our outreach partners, we have created an Outreach Theme and Partner List.

Using the Partner List, the middle school outreach program has created an Outreach Calendar and Catalog that provides choices for activities throughout the year. Our faculty has offered numerous opportunities for short term and long term projects. Students are working with their advisor to tailor their outreach interests to the options available in the Catalog. The benefits of this method are numerous. Students learn to work within an elective system, have choice in their outreach opportunities, work on long term projects and short term projects throughout the year, and will create meaningful relationships with their chosen outreach partners.

We are excited about this program and hope you will check it out. The Outreach Calendar and Catalog, as well our Theme and Partner List can be found on the Community Outreach Blog:

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