Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Service: 6th Grade Leads the Way on Glasses Project

Our 6th graders took the lead on a drive to collect gently used eyewear over the last month. One of them, Chandler S., is the guest blogger today and provides a summary below:

“They will probably cry with joy when they put on those glasses because they have not been able to see in so long,” said Ms. Leslie Deaton, director of The Free Clinic of Rockingham County, founded in 1998 by a local church in Reidsville. The clinic is a non-government funded public clinic that provides medical, dental, and eye care to people who cannot afford it.

About a month and a half ago, Dr. Tara Jernejcic, who has a second grader at Canterbury, asked us to collect gently used eye glasses for the clinic so that they would be able to give them to people with eye problems. Mrs. Mintz held a meeting for volunteers to make posters, plan announcements, and come up with a name for the service project. A team of sixth graders decided the project name should be “Gee, I Wish I Could See” and decided that the school goal should be to collect 100 eyeglasses. Mr. Jones agreed that if we achieved this goal of 100 eyeglasses the whole school could have a casual dress day. One and a half months later the volunteers counted the glasses and achieved the goal with 123 glasses! As a reward, on April 20th the volunteers were invited to the clinic to learn more about what they did there and present the collected glasses to Ms. Deaton.

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