Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google + Redux: Another Insight into the New Social Network

A few weeks ago I posted about social networking and its influence at school and home. I was prompted to do so by some reading I've been doing about Google +, the new social network from Google. As the article below discusses, one goal of Google + is to provide more privacy through the creation of social circles and therefore the ability to control content distribution.

The last post explored the (perhaps) unintended ramifications of the social circles as a digital means of exclusion. This article explores how the jury is still out on the privacy claims of Google as it relates to Google +. As always, if your child is on a social network, it should be something you are attuned to and watching on a regular basis. Make sure the computer is in a common area, and if your child has a smartphone, make sure you are managing their access via this tool as well.

Here is the article: Google + and Privacy: Better for Educators?

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