Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outdoor Chapel for Middle School

Today we had our first Middle School Chapel and it was outside. Last year, the outdoor chapel was undergoing renovations, so this is the first time I've experienced chapel outdoors. It was a great day for it as well - sunny and breezy and perfect.

For people like me who have just arrived at the school, it can be an easy thing to forget that this school is in its 19th year because the facilities we have here are so amazing. However, I found myself reflecting on what an incredible space the outdoor chapel must have been when it stood alone on the far side of the commons. An oasis, I think. Today it is still an incredible space, serving the same role, but it seems to have grown into itself along with the school.

The huge trees harken back beyond the school's beginnings and help to set a reflective tone for the participants. The rock boundaries delineate a space meant for something pure - a call back to nature in some ways. The addition of the cross and altar (a gift from the Class of 2011), provide a sign post for us all and reminder of the underlying mission of the school to develop the whole child by developing the mind and nourishing the spirit in a diverse community guided by Judeo-Christian values.

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