Friday, December 16, 2011

The iPad Creeps In...

John Schoultz came into my office this morning and told me to check out the science room "right now." Usually this is not a good sign, so I took a deep breath, a long swig of coffee and headed out to the science room and, in my mind, a certain downturn in my holiday cheer.

What I found was a section of 7th graders - almost all on their iPads - reading Alice in Wonderland in preparation for their Literature test. We had just finished training the students on the use of the e-reader function in iBooks and many were taking advantage of the resource.

So, I went from preparing to be the Grinch to feeling like Jimmy Stewart running through the streets of Bedford Falls wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Can you tell I'm excited about the possibilities of the iPad in the classroom?

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