Monday, February 13, 2012

21st Century Track: Mock Trial

This summer, we unveiled our new Electives organization with three tracks: The Arts, A 21st Century World and Leadership. Last week we had the culminating event in one of our 21st Century track class, Mock Trial led by Burns Jones, Head of School. Below you will see a slideshow from the event, where the Honorable Bill Osteen, a United States Federal judge for the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, presided.

The students were broken up into two teams - plaintiff and defense and given a case file to study. They spent the first part of the trimester learning the ins and outs of courtroom protocol and guidelines and the second half of the trimester developing their case. Neither side had practiced against the other until last week in front of Judge Osteen and the jury made up of teachers, staff, and administrators.

This was a real world experience in front of a real audience with a real expert providing input (both Burns, who, as he states, is a reformed lawyer, and Judge Osteen) and a real outcome. There could not be a better example of a 21st Century learning experience than this.

Check out the slideshow:

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