Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Middle School Leadership Conference at Canterbury

We are excited to announce that Canterbury has partnered with East Ed, a collaborative of educators whose "mission is to serve as a resource to schools and agencies and support the establishment of equitable, anti-bias, multicultural environments," and other Greensboro area schools to host a Diversity and Leadership Conference on Valuing Our Differences: Let’s Be Real. As you know our mission states we will “develop the whole child by challenging the mind and nourishing the spirit in a diverse community guided by Judeo-Christian values.” We believe the Diversity and Leadership themes which will be emphasized fit perfectly with our mission. The tag line for the conference reads,
“We can make our schools better by working together. Like a Smoothie, schools can be a place where differences can create something unique. Many is Better than One!”

Open Mind

Students who attend will learn skills to bring back to their grade and the division. Furthermore, we hope to ingrain in our student a desire to put their new insights into action through their leadership. In this way we not only develop a deeper understanding of each other, but also provide an opportunity for real student leadership.

On March  15, students will be on campus for the conference and will spend all day with middle school students from around the Triad region discussing ways to confront bias.  The best thing about this conference is that is has been planned by students from area schools. We will have student facilitators leading small group break out sessions on how to making valuing differences a reality in their schools. It truly is student leadership in action. This should be prove to be a great experience for those involved and through their engagement and leadership a great experience for the middle school as a whole.

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