Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Message to My 5th Grade Math Class

Hey Guys,

I hope you are enjoying Round 2 of this winter storm. I remember when I was a freshmen in high school we had a similar blizzard and we were out of school for a week....and they had to cancel exams!

Well, you guys may be out for a week, but they aren't cancelling exams. Sorry. Also, we have all this great technology so I can get in touch with you to send an assignment home. I've got to keep your math minds sharp. Isn't that great! (They didn't have all this when I was freshman in high school.)

Here is you Blizzard Assignment:

1. Go to Mr. Little Math Blog on the Calvert Homepage or click on the link:

2. On the right hand column select Math Textbook and Resources

3. Select 5th grade math

4. Under the Textbook column, select Chapter 4

5. When the textbook chapter has loaded, scroll down to p. 93 and complete the Mid Chapter Review ALL on a separate sheet of paper. Please put your name and the date on it.

6. After this, scroll down to p. 114-115 and complete Chapter 4 Review #1-36 ODDS on a separate piece of paper. Please put your name and the date on it.

Good luck and email me with any questions you may have. These are due when we return to school tomorrow or Friday.

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