Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day and Work Day

I guess all the dancing, spoons and cotton balls worked! My goodness there is a lot of snow around here. I've done a lot of digging and am starting to think I'm living in an igloo! There is talk of another winter storm coming our way Tuesday night which could affect school on Wednesday....

All of that sounds great but my 6th grade history class still needs to keep their "History Minds" sharp. I created the following assignment for them to complete at home, and if any of them are reading this blog tonight, they'll see it here too.

Since not all of us have the textbook, and/or our notebook, I am assigning the following Internet Assignment to be completed by the time we return to school (either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday).

This assignment will revisit the video we watched to introduce the topic of Islam. Below is a link to Video 2 of the movie, Islam: Empire of Faith. You will need to view it to complete the accompanying assignment found on the link below. Read the directions carefully. If you do not have the material at your home, do your best to find something similar, but DO NOT go out and get anything.

The PBS Video on You Tube:

The PBS Internet Assignment:

Good luck.

Mr. Skeen

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