Friday, March 18, 2011

Canterbury Lacrosse: The First Game...Ever

In addition to being the Middle School Director at Cantebrury, I am also the lacrosse coach. This is the first year we've had a team and the boys had their first game yesterday afternoon at Forsyth Country Day School in Winston. The fellas put together a tremendous game, but we needed one more bounce to go our way and it did not. Check out some photos from the game below (courtesy of Tommy Ravenel)

"Control the butterflies and, as our 8th graders say, 'Do Work!'"

Head up and moving the ball: picture perfect

The brothers working together.

Douglas to Hutton  - a nice partnership

Notice the shape of the net

Billy-O with the save!

I'd say 90% of the fans were Canterbury-related

Taking the ball for a stroll...
It was a good, physical game of lacrosse.

Definitely a middle school game. Look at the size match-up...

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