Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Does "Technology Integration" Mean? | Edutopia

I came across this blog post on Edutopia today and thought it mapped out perfectly the stages of technology integration a school should pursue. At Canterbury, we are lucky enough to have great technological resources. As with all resources the fundamental strategic question becomes how best to use those resources. Our charge is simple: it needs to be in a way that best serves the students.

Next year in the middle school we will offer a Technology class to every grade level which teaches the tools of technology so that they can be used in the classroom without taking "content-time" away to teach the tool. Additionally, this class will frame the Big Questions of technological literacy as it pertains to ethics, Honor, and digital citzenship.

The article below addresses the tool part of the curriculum and I welcome your thoughts on that and/or the Big Questions of technology.

What Does "Technology Integration" Mean? Edutopia

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