Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning is for a Lifetime: The Brain Research Confirms
 We've heard many times before that we should be lifelong learners, but many people come into that statement with a preconceived notion that once past a certain age, the brain can no longer change to become an expert in something. For example, many people believe they may be too old to learn a new language or a new instrument. The brain research that is coming out these days refutes this belief. Below is an article from the SharpBrains website outlining the plasticity of the brain and its ability to adapt to new information throughout our lives.

Some wonderful related work you should check out is JoAnn Deak's website and books on learning (especially as it relates to adolescent girls), Daniel Pink's work on motivation (which comes from a number of psychologist's work but Pink puts in a more "pop-culture" context), as well as the SharpBrains website which offers tools to help your brain become more plastic.

Brain Plasticity: How Learning Changes Your Brain

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