Saturday, March 17, 2012

8th Grade Homeless Experience 2012

This past week, our 8th grade spent 24 hours learning about the plight of our nation's homeless and hungry. Through a number of experiences, they gained an understanding of the various factors that lead to homelessness and hunger. Furthermore, they were introduced to ways in which they can help. Tricia Fisher, Director of Venture Out, wrote the following letter to our 8th grade parents outlining those experiences. Below that you will see the agenda for the Experience. 

Dear Eighth Grade Parents,
I hope by now your children have shared some of their thoughts and stories about the Hunger and Homeless Project. Our goal was to help the students better understand hunger and homelessness both globally and locally. The two-day event was full of meaningful activities.
It was quite a sight to see all of the students with their hairnets singing loudly while filling 10,000 meal packets for Stop Hunger Now, an international relief agency based in Raleigh, NC. For two frenzied hours, the students filled plastic bags with rice, soy and dried vegetables, that will be shipped to countries around the world. The students worked and learned so much about what a difference a few people can make in the lives of many in need.
We were fortunate to have Cherie and Hayes Holderness (parents of Canterbury alum, Murphy) share their personal story of Biking Burritos here in downtown Greensboro. We were all moved by the Holderness’s dedication to helping others right here in our community. The students were surprised to learn how many local citizens are in need of food and support. Each weekend Biking Burritos feed some of Greensboro's homeless citizens and let them know that people care about them, giving them hope and support. A main breakfast item (usually burritos but can be something else, like sausage biscuits), bottled waters, and hot coffee are given out on Saturday mornings in Center City Park.
The 8th graders cooked and prepared breakfast burritos for this outreach. A number of students expressed a desire to participate in the Saturday morning outreach. I will be going to help Cherie and Hayes in the morning (this Sat. 17th) and would gladly welcome any of our 8th graders (and families) to join us. We will meet at the Center City Park on the corner of Friendly Avenue and Davie Street. We will meet at 7:55-8:00. It usually only lasts about thirty minutes. Feel free to call me this evening if you have any questions. My cell phone is 601-0140.
Please ask your children about their food shopping experience, their chapel service, and their reflections on what they learned.
Check out these web pages for more information.
Biking Burritos:
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks so much,


2012 Schedule:

Wednesday, March 14th

12:30 - 1:00     Overview of Scheduled Activitiies
 Stop Hunger Now Burrito Bikers $1.50 mealChapel Service Expectations

1:00 -3:00      Stop Hunger Now
3:00               Snack
3:30 - 5:00     Play practice, sports practice
                      Burrito preparation
5:00- 6:00      Cherie and Hayes Holderness: Burrito Bikers
6-:00- 7:30     Shop at Save a Lot and eat
7:30- 8:15      Set up shelters and homework
8:15- 10:00    Movie Reflection: With Honors
10:00             Vespers/Chapel prep (8th graders presented a chapel reflecting on what they've learned to the middle school)
11:30             Sleep

Thursday, March 15

7:00 am       Wake up and breakfast
8:00 am       Chapel prep and service
8:35 - 10:45 Back to classes for First and Second Period
10:45           Third Period: Six Hats Reflection with Mr. Skeen

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